The Pond Man services all Koi Ponds and filtration systems, water gardens and fountains.

Pond Services

  • Complete Pond Cleaning: Available Weekly-Monthly-Yearly
  • Pump and filter cleaning or replacement, if necessary
  • Locate and repair leak(s) in existing pond liner
  • Recommendations for algae control
  • Scheduled maintenance programs available
  • Fertilization of plants
  • Replanting of existing pond plants
  • Introduction of pond fish
  • Complete analysis of water quality
  • Winterization of your pond-prep aquatic plants for the winter season, add winter specific chemicals, install netting to minimize debris accumulation and to deter possible predators

Maintenance Visits

  • Cleaning and Inspection of pump and basket
  • Cleaning and Inspection of skimmer net and basket
  • Skimming top surface for leaves and debris
  • Trimming and Fertilization of Aquatic plants
  • Fish health inspection
  • Adding water and any needed beneficial bacteria, dechlorinator and algaecides
  • Inspection of pumps, filters and water falls for leaks.